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We represent the producers of fishmeal and fish oil in the Kingdom of Denmark. With a focus on sustainability and high quality, the Danish industry is the leading producer in Europe and number 7 globally.


Our sector contributes significantly to economic growth and employment in coastal regions.


We are members of EUfishmeal and The International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organization (IFFO) and are committed to following IFFO´s international standard for responsible behavior (IFFO RS) as well as the IFFO code of conduct.


Fishmeal and fish oil


Fishmeal and fish oil are valuable marine ingredients and the production of fishmeal and fish oil plays a crucial role in the development of a globally growing aquaculture sector.


We help feed the world healthy fish products by bringing the important omega 3 fatty acids in to the human food chain.


Fishmeal and fish oil provide a balanced amount of all essential amino acids, minerals, phospholipids and omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA).



Latest News


Kronik i JP: Proteinfisk til mennesker og dyr

Formanden for MID, Johannes Palsson, slår et slag for, at få vurderet industrifiskeriet i et langt større fremtidsperspektiv end hidtil

Nye rammer - ny vækst

Nordjysk Fiskerikommune Netværk satte fokus på rammerne for at skabe vækst i kystområderne 

EUfishmeal conference on Perspectives for fishmeal and fish oil

A clear message was given from the attendees of the recent international conference on fishmeal and fish oil: There is a big potential for a further development of the sector

Landinger i danske fiskerihavne

Betydningen af det danske industrifiskeri og produktionen af fiskemel og fiskeolie fremgår meget tydeligt

Fokus på fiskemel og fiskeolie

Magasinet FiskerForum

Letter to the Danish Fisheries Minister

Danish Fisheries Minister is urged to provide second opinion on biological advice for sand eel in 2016.

Paving the way for sustainable fishing in the Baltic sea

Agreement on a multiannual plan for the most important fish stocks in the Baltic Sea

Er du til fisk, Esben Lunde?

Kronik fra Børsen den 17.marts.

Producing more with less

State of Green just released a paper about Danish strongholds in bioeconomy and resource-efficient production. Marine Ingredients Denmark is representet. 

See our profile on State of Green